"Dine with Dee" submissions
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Subject: "Dine with Dee" submissions
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Did anyone enter the contest? I wrote something but I didn't enter. I was in NYC for the last week of the contest and I meant to send it in but I totally forgot and the deadline passed me by.

Here's what I was going to submit:
Since it would be way too cliche to ramble off how much of a fan of Dee's I am or the degree of how much of an SMF of Twisted I've been since prior to puberty, I'll go with a "guilt trip" entry. No shame here.

This is a story about how Dee Snider sent me to the hospital, inadvertently, and how for 2 weeks I literally cried myself to sleep every night.

In March of 1993 at the Limelight(Sunday Night's infamous Rock'n Roll Church) in the midst of a full throttle, high energy Widowmaker show, I was struck devastatingly hard in the head by Dee's elbow. How's that, you ask? Well, as we all know when frontmen hold their microphones their elbows are often bent outwards to the side. I was up front pinned against the stage and at this moment he was leaning down getting very close to the front row fanatics. Fans love that and, as we've all come to appreciate his ability to drive an audience of any size, he certainly knows how to entertain any crowd at hand. Well, as he elevated himself he turned his body pretty abruptly and his elbow greeted my forehead with a direct on smash. One so hard that I even heard him break in mid lyric to say, "I'm sorry".

Apology accepted.

Now it didn't have any immediate negative consequences on me as I was able to continue rockin' out till the end of the set....

...however, the next day...OMFG! Dizzy spells, vomiting, and at night time while going to bed I felt what must have been the moon tugging on my skull. Painful to the point of wailing weep. No F'n bueno.

Furthermore, I was obligated to work for a 2 week promotional stint at an Exxon station down the Jersey Shore which started the very next day. But first stop...the ER.

Fortunately the CAT Scan didn't reveal any internal bleeding or serious enough damage that needed to be addressed and I was able to live on to see more shows. But this good news didn't stop the pain from reoccurring. I spent those next 2 weeks with this insanely intense brain throb which brought me to a face full of tears as I tried to fall asleep each night. And each following morning after a lousy night of sleep I was required to dress up as the Exxon Tiger and entertain gas pumpers and their kids. Knowing what kind of pain awaited me I never wanted work days to last so long before in my life.

I somehow made it through my 2 week commitment and when I got back home the pain had magically all subsided.

Come to think of it maybe all those symptoms were caused by the fumes of the gas station and toxic Jersey Shore hairspray.

Who the hell knows. For the sake of this contest I'm going with the former.

Tell Dee I prefer being a head banger over being head banged.

Mentally Yours,
Captain Howdy
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Subject: RE: "Dine with Dee" submissions
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Great story Jaysin. You should have submitted that. You might have won! I honestly don't even remember a call for submissions for this. I must have missed it. I've got a few good ones but I'm not sure I could top getting a concussion from Dee's elbow! LOL!