burlington steambost days
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I would just like to say i have been a fan my entire life because my mom introduced me to you when i was a child and my life dream was to go to a twisted sister concert, and that dream came true...not only did i get to see you guys but i was in VIP!!! Dee thank you so much for your courtesy of grabbing my hand twice!!! The best fucking night ever!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU TWISTED SISTER!!!!

thank guys

laci jacobs
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I gotta concur. I have been a fan since the mid 80's when like so many I was blown away with the great videos that you guys had. I bought all the albums and was devastated when you broke up. When you re-united I was hoping for the chance to see you live and last night was unbelievable. I was right up front with the other SMF's and you guys looked and sounded great. Finally got to see you guys live (scratch one off my bucket list).Great set I knew every song and it's nice to see Love is For Suckers finally get some love. Thats a great album. I know you don't play many shows each year and most are overseas but thanks so much for coming to Iowa you made my dream come true. Happy Fathers day to me. Keep doing what you do as long as the Fire Still Burns. Love it Thanks again

Ryan Homan
Cedar Rapids,IA