T/S gig canceled at Nottingham
Posted 2006-06-08 12:43 PM (#3273)
Subject: T/S gig canceled at Nottingham
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just got a letter from rock city saying the gig was canceled on the 28th can anyone shed any light on this
Posted 2006-06-08 2:05 PM (#3275 - in reply to #3273)
Subject: See the 'Good News, Bad News' post at the top of the board.
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Short version:

Good News - New TS album coming in Fall.
Bad News - Recording it meant bumping a couple of UK dates.

Management says they're going to try like hell to make the dates up, but nothing firm yet.

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- D
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Subject: RE: T/S gig canceled at Nottingham
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So you guys have got to record an album of Christmas shit (English technical term!) so stuff Hammersmith and London! What gives? Black Sabbath recorded their 1st album in a week and it remains a classic of HM. Surely you guys could do an album of covers in one take!

Dee, in the recent issue of Classic Rock, all but said this would be the last British dates - EVER! I was there in Wrexham, when TS supported Motorhead at the football ground, I was there when TS played there first proper tour of Brit clubs - at Sheffield University, I was there when the guys made their Brit comeback at the Rock & Blues. It looked like I would be there at TS's last ever Brit show in Nottingham, now I won't. Could go on - but I won't.

FUCKIN' GUTTED! (........But probably still daft enough to buy the album - maybe)

I hope that the 1/2 empty show at Wolverhampton isn't the real reason to pull.