Calling all Norweigians!
Posted 2012-06-02 11:38 AM (#30551)
Subject: Calling all Norweigians!
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The rumor about town is that the place is going to sell out tonight (if it hasn't already--the fellow on the plane next to me told me he was certain the show was sold out) so come on down now and get a ticket while you can--doors open at 1800 hrs (6 pm) and I'm telling you right now, Norway...the set list is going to knock your woolen socks off! I got a sneak peak today at sound check (no, I'm not leaking it out--Mark said if I do he'll feed me to a moose) wait until you hear what's in store! It will make the Old Schoolers happy....and the later fans too!

So come to the show tonight, my babies--The Darkness is opening,--and there's a special side concert by Dave Evans, the singer of AC/DC before Bon Scott--and TNT is in the house, playing at a local conference center at a special late night event.

Gonna be great!