Scarecrow - Blood, Sweat And 20 Years
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Subject: Scarecrow - Blood, Sweat And 20 Years
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Earlier this year Eddie Ojedas old band Scarecrow released a compilation album called "Blood, Sweat And 20 Years". here is a link to information about the album: . As far as I know three of the 14 tracks are previously unreleased. These are 1. Welcome To My Mind, 7. No Place Like Home and 14. I Am Scarecrow.

Is there anyone here that own the album? Can anyone tell me if Eddie is playing on the previously unreleased tracks?
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According to this website above, Scarecrow's new album "Blood, Sweat and 20 Years" is a collection of hits, rarities and new tracks spanning over the 20 year career. So no doubt the older rare hits will be with Eddie on them.

The teaser on YouTube sounds awesome tho!

I just found this: So Eddie is not on the new tracks.

John Blaze and SCARECROW are still blazing new trails and making new music. The latest three song sampler called “I Am SCARECROW” is bigger and better than anything that was ever done in the bands history. It features great musicians such as George Cintron on guitar (Randy Jackson, Cintron, Enrique Iglesias) John Miceli on drums (Meatloaf) and Danny Miranda on bass (Queen with Brian May and Paul Rodgers) Tracks include: “Welcome To My Mind”, “No Place Like Home” and “I Am SCARECROW”. This new direction will be the defining moments of SCARECROW and will mark the bands name in Rock and Roll history.

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Thanks for the info and the link.

While we are on the subject, Does anyone here know what tracks on the self titled debut album by Scarecrow released in 1991 that doesn't feature Eddie? On the album he is not listed as a member of the band but he is listed as an additional musician.