Dee on Fuse TV Hoppus last night
SMF Cyndi
Posted 2012-04-06 4:48 PM (#30179)
Subject: Dee on Fuse TV Hoppus last night
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An eclectic fun show called "Hoppus on Music" with Blink 182's Mark Hoppus. The show's focus is on covering music-related news and events in unique ways. The opening segment is a panel discussion with Mark, a musician, an expert and a comedian. Dee will be appearing on the panel. The panel is a humorous and witty chat about music.

Anyone see this? Hopefully it will on YouTube soon.

Dee stated that his fans now wear depends at the shows! LOL...for the record, I DO NOT!

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Jim Hudson
Posted 2012-04-07 10:27 AM (#30183 - in reply to #30179)
Subject: RE: Dee on Fuse TV Hoppus last night
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Yeap--Were not getting any younger though. Its amazing to me we can work out, lift weights , run or walk etc and in twenty years from now it will basically all be over. Goes fast-- Need to get our twisted fix now.

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