Manchester concert
R Ben
Posted 2006-06-07 4:20 PM (#3226)
Subject: Manchester concert
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Saw the SICK MOTHER FUCKERS laqst night in Manchester, England, baby and all I have to say is they kicked ass I'm still in awe. This being the third time I've seen them it was the best I've seen them perform, and for that matter anyone else I've ever had the pleasure of seeing perform. And the new album will be new material just out at christmas.
Posted 2006-06-07 4:32 PM (#3227 - in reply to #3226)
Subject: RE: Manchester concert
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I too had the pleasure of the Manchester gig last night.....brilliant!! Dee looked amazing, they sounded great [but I think pretty quiet...or am I going deaf in my old age?!] Fantastic night....and man was it hot in there???!!!!