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If this were a sporting event dee would have led his team to victory,because that is what happened tonight at the MHCC.Dee was the star,plain and simple.Lets start things off with saying without WPDH and poughkeepsie twisted would not have been as big as they are NO DEBATE!Eddie ojeda was on wpdh before the show and said how they first got signed to secret records after a show in poughkeepsie.Dee was great all night by saying how WPDH is the greatest radio station ever and how they played under the blade all the time.Without the smfs of area and wpdh there is no twisted making it big as they did thats the facts! Now about the show. Dee just kicked ass all night.Without dee there is no twisted.Before the show I was telling someone how dee was the one who doesn't want to continue because he want to make money in tv,shows etc.I have to apologize,because he should.He is the star of the show!Even when the officers came out sing on were not gonna take,I didn't even notice right away because i was fixed on dee.Nex't up is mark who did a great job banging away on his bass all night.Eddie held it together was his usually self with his solos.Now I know jj seems like a great guy,and so down to earth commenting on this site but,he looked old and listless allnight.He seem like he wanted to get out of there as soon as he could.To me he just wasn't into it?AJ also did not look like he wan'ted to be some where else.He couldn't even finished a drum solo as dee asked him about a part that he was going to do.His reply was( not tonight ).So it leaves us with the star of the show and the band,DEE SNIDER! From start to finish,dee gives 110%.His energy makes the other four look like there 80 years old!He kept repeating all night why we were there,because of the officer.He gave kudos to the owner of the chance and back to the old days of the clubs they played.And yes they did play HEROES,and UNDER THE BLADE!Dee snider is twisted sister,and as goes dee,so does the band.So all and all,the show was great!I did say through the week,would twisted live up to their rep and kick ass?Well they sure did but only because of the star of the night-DEE FUCKIN SNIDER!!!!!!