Twisted is back!!!!!
Posted 2012-02-29 8:36 PM (#29761)
Subject: Twisted is back!!!!!
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Well the buzz is on around here.The boys are back after a long absence from the area.Many old school smfs consider this twisteds town. This time i think the the turn out for loyal fans is going to out number the one time concert goers.I know many from the region who are going and are they going to be fired up! I think i was misunderstood when i said i hope they dont fall flat.You guys are right that twisted is one of the greatest live bands ever!And i admit i keep watching for dee to come running out after all these years and i get fired up like im back in 1980 again.All i am saying is that when they play other places,like festivals,then i can see sticking to the normal set list.But not here boys. You gotta turn it up to another level! It does'nt cost you any extra in energy.The hell with the one timers!The majority this time is going to be the 10-20-30 year smf club.Again great idea, HEROES.Then bring it on,BAD BOYS OF ROCK AND ROLL AND ILL NEVER GROW UP NOW!!!!!!!!!