Welcome back TS its been too long!
Posted 2012-02-23 10:35 PM (#29734)
Subject: Welcome back TS its been too long!
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Well its been awhile since my last post.First i like to say what a great thing twisted is doing by having this benefit concert.I also have been reading the road reports since my last visit and they are excellent.I hope everyone is fired up for this because old school smfs are going to show how its done!Now lets educate the new smfs the history on poughkeepsie and the MHCC and how important it was in TS career.Dee was on wpdh the local radio station here and i heard said it was the first station to play twisted constantly.Not only did wpdh keep playing under the blade which took alot of balls right there,(not a friendly radio song)but also bad boys of rock and roll everyday! In my opinion if it wasnt for this area and the fan support they had back in 1980-1983 twisted doesnt make as big as they did.So its been a long absent from here since they last played ,i think 5 years too long. Got to go.Talk to you again.