The John Falcone Memorial Concert
Posted 2012-01-20 9:11 PM (#29560)
Subject: The John Falcone Memorial Concert
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Extreme SMF

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I want to be the first to personally thank the Boyz for coming to my hometown and headlining this show. The day John was killed was one of the darkest days Poughkeepsie has ever seen and I just want to thank you guys for coming out to do this. I am deeply grateful for you guys doing this. Poughkeepsie really misses you guys, it's been years since you've come "home". The die hards here know the story about the Civic Center and Twisted Sister... Cant wait to see you guys.. Thanks again..

Joe D
Posted 2012-01-21 2:42 AM (#29563 - in reply to #29560)
Subject: RE: The John Falcone Memorial Concert
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Full-On SMF

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Finally! TS back at the civic center....they last played there in 8/04 and 11/05. The setlists for both of those shows were quite a bit different, so here's hoping this show will have a unique setlist as compared to both 2004 and 2005.