If any UK SMF's get to see this band, let me know..THEY ROCK!
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Posted 2006-06-05 12:48 PM (#3038)
Subject: If any UK SMF's get to see this band, let me know..THEY ROCK!
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I just read this about the band JackViper.. The VIPER is coming to NOTTINGHAM!!!

If anyone gets to see them, please let me know how it was! They sound great as I have said in another post, they sent me their demo...it really ROCKS! Here is the info below copy and pasted if you are interested. Hope they come to the US!!! I will surely see them~!

Date: Jun 5, 2006 9:10 AM
Subject: Fri 16th June - The VIPER is coming to NOTTINGHAM!!!
Body: We're coming for ya

We're playing Junktion 7 on Friday 16th June along with New Generation Superstars and Tattooed Millionaires...

Can't wait for this full on night of sleaze! Its gonna fuckin ROCK!

See ya at the bar (or under it)

more details to follow on www.jackviper.com


See www.jackviper.com for more in ya face sleaze and other shit thats been happening to the Viper including:

- Jackvipers tune Merry Go Round being voted 9th best song of 2005 by www.sleazeroxx.com

- Jackvipers music featuring heavily on Axl Rose DVD The Prettiest Star

- being awarded stunt of the year from www.purerawk.co.uk for Jay R's live rant ripping into Pete Doherty and the whole indie scene in front of an indie crowd @ The Borderline and nearly inciting a riot

- Tales of rivers of JD, collapsing on stage, breaking into hotels, losing drummers in foreign countries, and getting thrown outta venues for being too balls to the wall

go get some sleaze muthafuckas!!!


"Sleazy Trashy hard rock that walks the talk at the speed of Motorhead and the intensity of GnR. Notoriety and infamy awaits" - Metal Hammer Magazine

"Easily one of the most exciting sleaze bands around today" - www.sleazeroxx.com

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Subject: RE: If any UK SMF's get to see this band, let me know..THEY ROCK!
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Jack Viper!

I've been a fan for a few years!! Very nice guys!! Will see them later this year! Will tell! :]