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Amazing numbers


Taken from Bob Lefsetz’s email September 10, 2011.

Twisted Sister’s 10,000 hours

From Jay Jay French


I have a record of every night and the amount of performances Twisted sister has played since the first one on March 20th 1973 up to the present.

Here are some statistics regarding our years learning our craft in the bars and nightclubs all of which were within a 50 mile radius of Manhattan between March 1973 and December 1982 when we signed with Atlantic Records that I think your readers would find interesting. It speaks directly to the 10,000 theory.

We averaged 250 nights a year for this 10 year span. Also remember that as a “show band’ we did full costume changes for every performance.

We spent the first year 1973 playing 5 40 minute shows per night night

from1974-1976 we played 4 45 minute shows a night

From 1977-1980 we played 3 1 hour shows per night

From 1981 to the end of 1982 we played 2 75 minute shows per night

What this means is that we played an average of 3 hours per night x 250 nights per year x 10 years ( About 7,500 hours of live performance)

Add to that the 250 hours per year of rehearsals and studio time recording demos for record labels and you have 10,000 hours…………..


We are now headlining more festivals in more countries (33 and counting) and getting paid more money then ever.

What 10,000 hours does is make you an iceberg meaning that what you see on the surface is the astounding end product. beneath the surface lies 90% of ones experience.

That is our business model, It’s called hard work. not that the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame would ever recognize the blood, sweat and tears that we put in.

We really did embody all that is too patronizingly called the “American Work ethic”.

It’s just something that people should know.

After reading these numbers, I’m tired

Good night.