twisted fing sister
Posted 2011-07-26 6:58 AM (#28208)
Subject: twisted fing sister
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all i have tosay about this band is that they changed my life. i went from a nobody to a nobody who rocked with twisted fucking sister. dee snider is a god. it is my dream to see the smf live one day. i love this band! when anyone asks who was my favorite band. i say i am an smf forever. if you dont know what it means, then you don't knowwhat it means LOSER. a lot of people ask how did i get into metal, well my first ever 45 was we're not gonna take it with you can't stop rock n' roll on the b side. i wore the b side out. i love you guys. i wanna rock with ts! its not a band its a lifestyle.
SMF for ever! Play it loud mutha!