Reading '82
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Subject: Reading '82
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For all the people and media who continue to lump TFS in with all the hair metal acts of the latter part of the decade (I don't have to name the bands, you know who they are!) need to watch this DVD and understand that they were an absolute FREIGHT TRAIN back then! Cannot wait for the next release at the end of July.

Thank you
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Amen brother UnKnownRocker!! I’ve always hated it when people are referring to TS as a hair band without knowing the story what this band is all about. There are friggin light-years between Twisted Sister and the bands you were referring to. End of story.

About Reading dvd…it just blew me away!!! I noticed that some back-up vocals were slightly brought up-to-date but the energy and the attitude and the songs and the huge stinkyfinger this performance delivered was and is unbelievable!! I’ve seen TS many times starting from the 80’s, I even were lucky enough to get to work for Dee’s SMF’s in the 90’s and stuff, but if I could change something, I would’ve wanted to be there on that August day, I tell you. I carry my 3 TS –tattoos even more proudly after finally seeing this ;-)

Some of you know me, some don’t. I’m a daily visitor at the SB, but I hardly ever write anything longer. Don’t know what’s wrong with me now, but I just gotta let this out, I guess ;-)

JJ, if you or someone from the band (or Danny) happens to read this, I understand and totally respect your point of not making any new music. I don’t like it, but I respect it. I would love to get an album full of new stuff from you…there’s no one even close to you guys out there! But don’t worry, don’t wanna start with this ;-) As long as you keep on playing, I’m one happy mutha.

What I would like to ask you to consider though is this: the interview –part of the Reading dvd was a kick-ass inside look at the birth of Under The Blade. There were some absolutely cool photos we’ve never seen before and the stories were interesting and hilarious. I can’t help myself thinking about how great it would be to get similar kind of documentary from recording the other albums too. I mean with Love Is For Suckers the story would probably be not that happy but hey, we don’t care. I would be jumping for joy if you’d release a kind of “Making of” –series where you would remember how was it in the studio when recording your studio albums or even putting together the live albums and compilations. A dream for this SMF and I believe I wouldn’t be alone…

Ok, gotta get back to work now but all SMF’s worldwide, as I’m due to family reasons unable to travel to the European dates this summer, enjoy the shows, scream your asses off that the guys will come back and I can join you & STAY FUCKIN’ HUNGRY !!!

JP – the Finnish SMF in Germany