Please welcome the SMFS!
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Subject: Please welcome the SMFS!
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This is going to be a two parter people.First off,and indulge me here a little cause im going to repeat some. I still feel that the band should do the festivals,and other things and also throw in a few small clubs for us smf fans.Im going to say again,im not from poughkeepsie.I only been there once since twisted played last 4 years ago.The city has nothing for me unless twisted plays the club there.A new thought and i could be wrong,it takes a majority,that being all band members to agree on doing some club dates and maybe some of them arent interested in goin down that road anymore. The second part starts off with an apology to armadillo. I didnt go back and read my post but read his replys and he wasnt bad at first until i kept being harsh on the band.Him and others are really true smfs and twisted should feel real lucky to have you guys here.I mean that!This isnt going right.I should-nt be arguing with him and you other smfs.When i had my second go around with twisted starting in 2001,i wish i had you guys around to talk about the concert i just saw.Most of those gigs i saw alone,as the smfs i went with in the 80s did not want to see them anymore.They would say they had their time.I should have been arguing with them instead.So i think hes right,im just one smf in a vast number that really dosent matter what i say!The band probably isnt listening.I have to look at it this way,i got to see the band again in small clubs alot since 2001.I got to hear them start off with( What you dont know),Igot hear them play sin after sin at the downtown in long island and tear it loose.I got to hear them play the bad boys of rock and roll at the chance(that was the greatest)and i got to hear them play its only rock and roll but I like it at the starland(Feb2009).Not too bad i guess!So as this wines down and i let myself go of ts, i still have great memories of the biggest kick ass live band and front man around!Even the intro with (its a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll) is the greatest around! I used to get pumped up just from that!Good luck all you smfs.You truly are the greatest fans!
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Subject: RE: Please welcome the SMFS!
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welcome back Bobcat!

There are many here that would give ANYTHING to hear "Bad boys of Rock N' Roll" played live--I'm one of them for sure!

There is something truly magical about those small clubs-- you can actually feel the electricity from the amps.... smell that musk of denim, leather and sweat.... if you're right up front (as I suspect you've been too) you get those beads of perspiration and spit flying off the band members. Okay, I's a bit much...and those who don't understand the magic will just go "ewww. gross.'

for those of you who do...
there's nothing like that first bass drum beat in a small club-- you can feel vibrating your tee-shirt in the middle of your chest. The Chance was so amazingly loud that if I had hair on my head, it would have blown back. When they played Jaxx in Springfield, I felt like I was just spending a night hanging with friends, who just happened to be onstage, playing some of the most kick ass covers I'd ever heard.

Yup. It doesn't really compare to standing outside in the burning sun all day in a mud-pit. But yet, as much as I hate festivals, I lament that the Dallas date has disappeared off the website. alas. I was so looking forward to Dallas TX... but looks like it will be another time, perhaps. Many members of the band do read the slamboard, and they have often granted wishes to SMFs (just ask Marty, who pleaded to hear "I'll Never Grow Up, Now" one more time....and they finally obliged!)

Welcome to the slamboard, Bobcat. There's good folks here, and there's always room for one more SMF at the table....pull up a chair.

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