Twisted SMFS!
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Subject: Twisted SMFS!
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Now i need glasses,because i cant believe what im reading!These so called smfs dont like when you have a opinion on twisted.Tough shit!I dont think ts would like these so called smfs trying to shut someone up because they see something a certain way.TS is totally not about censorship.I think their music speaks for us about how we should be able to express how we feel about a topic.Now that being said, Ive probably seen ts more times in 30 years than any of these duchebags have!You need to shutup about ts and yes us to death,we just think their never wrong on anything.Well FUUUU! Reminds me of a bunch of clicks on here that think they run the show.Where are we,back in high school?Like i use to say back then, tough shit if you dont like what i have to say!Thats youre problem not mine.See ya!
Jim Hudson
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Subject: Dont let anyone mess with you !
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Right on Brother ! ---- Ill help stand up for you ! I just dont care who I impress or kiss ass of.I just dont give a dam -- ( and at this point it has norhing to do with if I agree with your views or not) -I cant believe some of the stupid shit Ive seen on this and against you on this board. Say what you will and do what you want ! at this point its not even a mater of if I agree with your views or not. And the Peeps that think its so cool to try and gang up on you- Shit -- forget them --One day maybe they will get that stupid shit treatment.It could happen. Any idiot that would gang up on you , isnt worth the shit under your foot . You would think some would be more mature and have more courtasy and respect than that but ??? -- Dont worry -- Im sure God or whoever will save a special place for peeps like that. I wont entertain anything else those that would stoop that low enough to mess with you like that -- You shouldnt as well.

SMFF - You BET ! -- Just on principal alone !

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Subject: RE: Twisted SMFS!
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Jim Hudson... there's a car dealership around here called that actually.