smfs wake up!
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Hey smfs wake up and smell the bull!Yeah i work alot and im the same age as the band,poor babys they have to play a gig for about an hour and a half a night.Trying working 12 hour days!Why dont they pay your expenses to travel to these shows like they get.Lets forget the 2001-2007 years of the problem with them.It starts after that when these promoters hand them the keys to all these huge festivals.Dont call the bestbuy or nokia as small clubs.You have to be an idiot to compare that to a chance- crazydonkey!Put your glasses on read what im saying,Queensryce just as big and busy as twisted,again plays the chance everyyear!Again i love twisted way more than a brett michaels but he is way bigger (oh same age almost )and had major health issues and has enough down time to play the clubs!(one of them being the CHANCE)!If you dont think poughkeepsie was that important to the boys ask them, theyll tell you how they use to call it their second home.Hey jj, remember 101.5 wpdh and coop in the morning.Hey dee, remember riding through poughkeepsie and the hudson valley and stopping in newburgh at orange county choppers for bikers for babies.Lets go back boys and remember if it wasnt for poughkeepsie and wpdh playing an unknown TS nobody would know you in these areas as you were more known in long island and the metro area.Again the only band to sellout the Midhudson civic center in poughkeepsie without a record contract at the time.AMAZING!Every band known,ac/dc,kiss,rush,mettallica,and thosands more has played there.Couldnt have been done without the help of wpdh and the smfs of this area,ask the band!Oh by the way i dont even live in poughkeepsie! Im about 1-1/2 hours away from there.Never go there unless its a concert at the chance.I havent been there since except one time in almost 4 years!That was when twisted played it.This is a shame that its been that long guys.Take a little time out of your schedule and play the chance again.It wont kill your pocketbook.Ask jeff from Queensryche,he told Wpdh that they will play it everyyear and so far they have! What a band,not the same amount of history here as twisted but just as big and way more loyal to the fans here!Too bad.
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Oh my god, I saw this movie!


how do we make it stop? I never saw how it ended....

Edited to add: is it a full moon or something? I mean, first we got spam selling us...what the hell was it? flooring? some cleaning product? Then we had somebody posting about their body mass index..... and now this toolbox with his five identical rants, like a broken player stuck on Julio Iglesias' greatest hits. What the hell? It's like those stinkbugs that come into your house through the cracks, and before you can flush the first one, three more appear!

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Listening to the radio this morning they said that today was the anniversary of the invention of the modern flush toilet - of which Thomas Crapper was involved in the design. Just thought this may be relevant at this point!
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Hahaha.... This guy's a class act.

It's great when someone is so wrong, yet so convinced they're right. There's no point in even arguing with the guy because they'll never see the light. What the hell is the matter with this guy that he can't leave his little hick town and actually travel to other places to see bands. He's so goddamned special, he expects bands to come to him, lol.

Hey Bob, I like Queensryche too, that's why I'm going to Jersey to see them, as well as Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper, and Pat Benetar Just like im going to DC to see Black Country Communion. Just like I went to Manhattan to see Twisted Sister...where the fuck were you? Home crying?

I'd like to take a moment to quote Dee Snider,"If you're tired and overrated, Let me show you the fucking door!"