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Okay all smfs listen up! Im going to show you how i see it. The band comes back and plays clubs through the 2001-2006or2007 years.In those years they play a few festivals and other gigs. Like i said great adventure,yogi berra stadium,or what ever it was called,virginia beach,mid hudson civic center.Oh by the way doing all this and finding time for their side projects like radio,managing bands,remastering old albums etc.Then they hit the jackpot by playing alot of huge festivals and playing overseas because they are in huge demand over their and not here.THATS GREAT!Again for the 4th time NO PROBLEM!Lets see,we are playing for 20,30 80,0000 people now. Seems like more festivals every year,just look at this year.Now why would they want to play for the loyal smfs a few gigs at clubs. It doesnt benefit them at all! Now lets see,brett michaels does huge hit reality shows,huge poison tours many other projects,HEY! puts band together and plays the clubs[one of those is the CHANCE].Queensryche comes back,does tours all over the states and overseas.HEY,they stop by EVERYYEAR and play the CHANCE. Their just as busy and always find the time.Bonjovi is on a huge 2 year tour and still found the time to play the starland!Other bands are way bigger than twisted in the states,anthrax,motorhead,and are touring at big places and still find time to play the clubs!Hey guys remember those clubs you use to play now and then.Yeah you dont need them anymore. Their not worth your time. Too bad,alot of loyal smfs are sad!
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Jesuschrist on a cracker, I can't believe you've posted the same bloody thing all three times on three different threads.

Since you seem to like redundancy....and I'm old and senile now....I'll re-hash the same shit. Because that's what old people do. First, what you just called "side projects" are their professions and livelihoods. Don't trivialize that--all five band members have other significant projects in their lives other than the 15 shows they play with Twisted. Last time I checked, managing a band was not a "side project"--it's tough work.

The Boys have played (since 2003) either as Twisted Sister or the no-frills version Bent Brother...more shows in NY than anywhere else:

2003: The Chance, L'Amours, and the Starland Ballroom
2004: Mid-Hudson Civic Center, The Chance, The Starland, The Downtown, Meadowlands
2005-2006 -can't remember but I know there were dates in there somewhere.
2007: Fillmore NYC
2008: Nokia NYC--two shows
2009: Nokia NYC ; Crazy Donkey, Starland
2010: No NY shows but they played Plymouth MA and Philly.
2011: Best Buy Theatre

All small clubs. They also played Philly, Plymouth, Springfield VA, Baltimore, Conn., NJ, Orlando, All small gigs. There were many more. Including last frickin' week!!!
were you there last week? No? What....did you have a side project, like a job?

Cry all you want. Throw as many little temper tantrums as you like.
But don't you dare call yourself a loyal SMF in the same sentence that you accuse them of selling out because they won't cater to your personal whims in Poughkeepsie, which as far as towns go, is not the most exciting destination you make it out to be. Poughkeepsie did not "make" Twisted Sister.

In fact, the only impression I have now is that certain Poughkeepsie fans continue to post here crying like babies because the world does not revolve around Poughkeepsie. And when TS did play there, all they did was whine "come back come back" instead of appreciating that they have had more gigs in northern NY than in lots of other places....in the world! And for the record, I don't give a rats tutu what Bret Michaels does.

Here's a lesson for you---the world is a big, fascinating place full of interesting people, sites and flavors--Poughkeepsie is less than 6 square miles--I walk more than that in my trek for dinner before every Twisted show I go to.... Here's a solution: Leave Poughkeepsie! that's right....you can do it.... there is a great big world outside your little podunk town, and there are trains, planes, buses, automobiles to get you to a Twisted show.

We should do a frickin' role call here--
Last week's show: Quebec Canada, England, Brazil, California, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, those were just the people I met! And almost all of them traveled further than Poughkeepsie to attend. THOSE are the loyal SMFs.

You know what....I hope they grant your wish and play Poughkeepsie. And I want you to walk right up to Jay Jay....Mark,....Dee....Eddie....AJ....and tell them to their faces, that they don't care about their fans. I DARE YOU. And I'll be there to witness it. You can bet on that.

Teaching the SMFs? Hardly. In fact...are you sure your name isn't Vod?
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The fact is that the boys well into their 50's are still kicking ass all over this world. The only thing that should come out of your f'ing mouth is THANK YOU.
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Armadillo - Amen brother!

Couldn't have put it better myself. As I understand it if anything is a side-project it is Twisted Sister - the guys work in dates around their everyday jobs and responsibilities. Personally I am thankful for every minute they put their everyday lives on hold to entertain us. Doesn't matter whether I am at the show (although that would definately be my first choice) or just hear about it on here - Terry's road reports are as good as being there anyway! As mentioned many of us travel significant distances (and to other countries or even continents) to see the band and meet up with SMF friends old and new - and that's half the fun. Yes it would be nice if they played down the road every weekend but this is the real world and it isn't going to happen.

Another factor to consider is that the boyz can't play if the venues don't book them. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong but I seem to recall JayJay mentioning before that one of the reasons they play the European festivals more often is because the promoters ask them to! Although they have played more US dates in the last few years the US promoters have been less forthcoming with dates than other countries. 

Finally, as far as insinuating that the band doesn't care for their fans - b#ll#cks! They regularly take the time to read and respond to posts on this slamboard. They also take care of their fans on the road - how many of us on here have been invited backstage before, during or after the show to hang with the guys (and not for the ridiculously exhorbitant 'meet & greet' fees that a number of other bands do - some of whom pride themselves on the 'connection with their fans'.  

bobcat09 - if you don't like what you see - change the channel..........but don't knock the band or the countless SMF's who are enjoying every minute of the ride just as it is.

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LMAO, poughkeepsie is about 2 hour by car from New York! did you know that they played there on April 29?

I would be fucking happy if Twisted Sister play again in Quebec city! about 3 hour by car... even if they play in Montreal or Toronto!...