hammersmith cancelled!!!!!!!
Posted 2006-06-01 12:25 PM (#2866)
Subject: hammersmith cancelled!!!!!!!
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just a message from ticketmaster to say the hammersmith show is not going ahead and my account will be credited!!!
danny please tell us whats going on,according to ticketmaster all other dates are on.
Posted 2006-06-01 1:08 PM (#2868 - in reply to #2866)
Subject: RE: hammersmith cancelled!!!!!!!
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Yep, same here. What's is going on? Are the other shows still going ahead?
Posted 2006-06-01 1:34 PM (#2873 - in reply to #2868)
Subject: Nottingham and London are cancelled.
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The rest of the dates are on.

See the 'Good News, Bad News' post for as much detail as I've got.

- D
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Posted 2006-06-01 3:35 PM (#2885 - in reply to #2873)
Subject: RE: Nottingham and London are cancelled.
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Any word on the Canada show on July 8th? Is that show still going to happen or will that be cancelled due to the new CD recording?

I will be disappointed but understanding if the Canada show is cancelled. If not, I've got all my reservations set for that weekend!