C-Rod crashes and burns
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Subject: C-Rod crashes and burns
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C-Rod: It is absolutely, unequivocably, unacceptable that you slam on any "band team member" for the mere fact that you did not get to go back stage and meet the band in North Carolina. What realm of reality are you participating in when you make such shallow and self-serving acquisations which blatantly is your feeble attempt to get invited back stage next time.

There is not one TS-true fan that has the time, energy or disire to dignify your tantrum ... nor does any TS-true fan have a ladder long enough to climb down into your hole to defend something that is contrived in your head and far from the reality; unless, of course, I missed the memo that you were someone special.

Life has no guarantees, tomorrow is not promised to anyone -- least of all the trivial such as yourself.

PS: C-Rod, C-Websters for the C-big words.

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Subject: RE: C-Rod crashes and burns
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Hey ya know what Klo, It was nice to meet you too! I am not bashing anyone inparticular, do you see any names mentioned? Closest I came was mentioning the "radio people" You know the ones that told Mitch they had him covered and he and his friend would get into the meet & greet, which I guess was just made up anyway since the guys left right after the show. If you thought I was meaning you ,your wrong,thought didn't even cross my mind, I met you, you seemed nice, that was that.You didn't make me any promises so it wasn't referring to you.

What I am getting at is people that say "YOU WILL GET" Why the hell do they say that, that's a promise, why promise something you have no intentionof doing. Just say nope, cant do it. Its not that hard to say. It's not the fact I didn't go backstage that bugs me it's peoples dishonesty that bugs me.

Think about it, did I ever ask to go backstage? Hell no, I don't care if I go back and meet the boys, they are just people,not gods or anything. Fuck it I've met a few bands and really, it was cool but not anything I'd kill for. If it happens it happens if it doesn't, it doesn't. No big deal. I never asked any of those people who promised,so why did they promise? Were they trying to impress me or something, don't know why, I'm not special (as you so kindly pointed out)seems to me it's just their way of showing they are connected and they are special. I don't know maybe that's the only thing they have in life to feel special about and I guess if it makes them feel good then what the hell, make all the empty promises they want, but I don't know why they should be surprised if people get pissed off when they don't follow through.

As for your personal attack on me about using websters. Thanks for the tip but I do know the words, contrary to whatyou may think I am college educated. Yeah some of us dumb southerners make it beyond the 6th grade! See the thing is down in the south we don't feel the need to put on airs with big words, we listen to a persons heart, not their big words. We also realize that intelligence is a mix of book smarts and common sense, you know about common sense right? Like when someone gets told the concert is downtown and not at the speedway and then they go to the speedway, that person might not have common sense.

Glad to see you made it to FL ok, we were worried about you with all that driving, have a good life.

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Besides KLO, just to let you know...C-Rod was NOT in the least bit trying to get backstage. She was trying to get me and Kat Trash to see Pearcy, so since you have already went on your merry way making accusations at a new SMF of mine, you should still make sure you have your facts right. Thanks and I hope you have a great life, also.

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