New ACE and House of Lords
Posted 2009-09-20 8:16 AM (#21799)
Subject: New ACE and House of Lords
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Elite SMF

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Anyone pick up these cds yet. The new House of Lords cd is amazing. I can't stop listening too it. Unbelievable vocals and the new band is amazing. Just got the Ace cd and it has that ace vibe. Can't mistake his playing. It too is a very good cd. More in the classic rock mode. Just wondering what any SMF's might think of these.
Posted 2009-09-21 3:04 AM (#21802 - in reply to #21799)
Subject: RE: New ACE and House of Lords
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Nearly A Band Member

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i like this ace album a lot. one of the best this year along with the new black crowes, megadeth, cheap trick, queensryche, john fogerty, heaven and hell and living colour