Guitar question
Richard UK SMF
Posted 2009-08-17 1:51 PM (#21609)
Subject: Guitar question
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Hi All,

Just about to spend my guitar fund from my BIG 40 and wanted your opinions on my next guitar.

I did want Eddie's Wayne signature guitar but its out of my price range.

I have got it down to 2, Musicman Luke with Piezo and an Ibanez S5470. Thinking of going with the Luke but am a bit worried about the tremolo and it not holding tune. Also heard that the frets wear out quickly.

Any guitarists out there want to comment

Cheers Richard
Jim Hudson
Posted 2009-08-19 4:34 PM (#21618 - in reply to #21609)
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Well, I was waiting to see if someone else with more experiance would comment , I get impatient though so Ill give it a shot for you. Im not familliar with that guitar and need to work on other stuff right now , so the frets I have no idea, its been a long time since Ive been a serious player but most "tremillo" ive seen is electrical as opposed to mechanical-Type of wave generator that when used correctly can really be awesome or interesting at the least. so in that regard I wouldnt think it staying in tune would be a problem. Even spring loaded bars , tend to be strong at least on Fender guitar's so unless the guitar is a piece of junk , I wouldnt worry about it.- I would think unfortunately It would be hard for the "band" to comment for liegality reasons- Dont know.

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Posted 2009-08-20 12:59 AM (#21624 - in reply to #21609)
Subject: RE: Guitar question
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yes well guitars and bass are differnt but I am a bass expert and not bad with guitars music man...I've always liked them but I dunno they feel weird and Ibanez I have a GSR 200 Fm active bass its good nothing expensive but even their cheap stuff is good well for guitar I have no clue so ask a guitar wiz...