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Subject: EBN-OZN
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Good afternoon people, meet:

EBN (pronounced EEBEN):

and OZN (pronounced OHZEN):

Together, they make up the short lived synth pop duo that was


In the early 80s, they had a major MTV hit with "AEIOU Sometimes Y". After that they had a minor hit with "Bag Lady (I Wonder)", but then faded into obscurity. OZN went on to form the group Dada Nada, and then eventually left the music business altogether, and took up an interest in writing scripts. He worked as a script supervisor for Oliver Stone. EBN stayed in the music biz, and wound up working with artists like Scritti Politti. EBN died of a heart attack in 1998. I have their lone album "Feeling Cavalier", and it is an interesting album. I wouldn't say it's for everyone though. At least give it a try is all I'll say. To start, you can see the video for "AEIOU Sometimes Y" on youtube:


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I'll have to check these links out when I get a chance, thanks!