Charlie (Sixth Sister) Barreca
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Subject: Charlie (Sixth Sister) Barreca
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Alright all you SMF's worldwide.

It's with great pleasure and honor I get to inform you lot the site dedicated to the man who single handedly gave us the best sound any venue had to give on a given night and dedicated his life to perfecting his craft and to THE BOYZ and us SMF's day in day and day out, the one the only site is now open for all to see.

Please sign the guest book and let this man know how much he means to us all. This site, like any other new site, is hot of the press please let us know what you think and any suggestions you may have no matter how small it seems to you voice it out. Lets us know.

How can we all lend a hand.
Spread the word, We all visit other sites and it can't hurt to put a blurb now and again pointing people to Charlies site. Be it a music site or not most people have a heart and may want to help out another human being. The more people who can do this and ask others to do it the faster we get the word out and the more people we get the message to.

Last but not least. It's a shame the reason this site came into being. IMHO the man deserved one period for his contributions, but fact is, Charlies Liver transplant cost a small fortune. Musicians have no medical coverage and no one to pick up the tab. The Boyz came through with the Philly benefit and raised over 40 grand. Maybe we can also help make a difference and help put Charlies mind to nothing but recovery and not medical bills.

The biggest thank you has to go out to GJG's wife J. Without her expertise this site would not have been possible.
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This site will be changing our Charlie links to re-direct to the new site. Hopefully, it'll generate traffic - and donations.

Be generous if you can, people. Charlie is directly responsible for a lot of TS' success - he helped write the history that you see on this site.

Great job, the three of you. Well done.

- D
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Sorry to not have responded sooner, but I'm attending a conference in Sarasota.

First off, I would like to extend my thanks to MP for being patient with me even though he wanted the site up "yesterday" like 6 months ago.

Secondly, I need to thank Webbie for allowing my wife to lift his copy and grapics for the donation page (and generally steal his layout and color scheme from this site).

Finally, I have to thank my wife for putting in the time she has put in so far and for the time she will be putting in in the future as we (Marty and I, who generally sit around and think up more work for her to do) have plans to improve the site and put in some more cool stuff to do and hear.

I would like to encourage all the SMFs out there to sign Charlie's guest book so he can feel the love, and more importantly, to give until it hurts. Charlie and his family really need us to extend our help right now.

Glen (GJG)
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Nice job on the site. I hope it brings in LOTS of Money
T. Mongillo-Korkmaz
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I posted a link at DEE's site. Hopefully that will generate some more traffic. BTW, nice job with Charlie's site.
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Congratulations to all that have done possible that site. It is a beautiful gift to Charlie and his family.

Hope this one helps to bring a lot of money. 



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charlie are you reading this?how are you felling?have you ever gone to the civic center or the chance to see twisted?sorry i have never met you.i hope your hanging in there.peace man be cool.
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Wonderful job on the site was nice seeing the photo's from back in the day..WOW! Very nostalgic indeed.

I am so happy Charlie is doing well. God Bless you for doing this kindful deed. You make us proud.