congrats on new board
real rock-n-roll
Posted 2006-03-01 12:12 AM (#103)
Subject: congrats on new board
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Webmaster,congratulations on the new board.Lots more to see ,and do, but extremely impressive so far.
Posted 2006-03-01 12:24 AM (#106 - in reply to #103)
Subject: Thx!
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You should have your password back in your email by now.

Sign in. There's a lot more stuff you haven't seen yet. The photo albums we got are pretty cool...

- D
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Subject: RE: congrats on new board
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This board freaking rocks SMF style for sure!!!

Thanks Webmaster!!!

And Thank You Limes for donating the Whole Lotta Rosie video. You did a great job filming it. I would have been too tempted to jump up and down etc.

I may start spending more time here. This is just cool!!!