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hello everybody, i'd like to comment something: here in santiago de chile there's a politician called zalaquet who is using "we're not going to take it" music for his campaign... is it right? for me it's been stolen. I know for sure that if he's using TS music for his own political purpose "i'm not going to vote him". thanks for your time and rock you all.
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Spongebob took "I Wanna Rock". Let's nail him too.
Jim Hudson
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I cant help but agree, although Twisted has come a long way when politicians are basing their entire future on what people think. WoW how about that , This guy apparently was more than impressed.too bad twisted cant just say yea you can use our shit for a fee. It is a little free advo for TS if the peeps there are hip enough to relate.

I thought the Pussy part was like breathing air or drinking water, ya know?
But if you get past that part good kissing should be easy, dont ya tnink?

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