the world is full of retards!!! not some people though
Posted 2008-04-11 6:39 PM (#13864)
Subject: the world is full of retards!!! not some people though
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Thank god its the weekend they were working us too hard in 6th grade this week but thats over with now!! even though it was just 3 days of school everybody thinks I'm a loser a beat a kid up today for that its tough a dress code today they don't belve in free speach they have microphones everywear!!! we can't escape it's a living hell we had to write a fairy tail auggg it's a load of crap they monitor our email it is so evil and worst they kicked my friends dad out from working there they don't relize anything he has to move by June 30th auuggg my band my have to fail 'cause of this oh wait..he is still going to our school his mom works there too make us pay 3500 dollars to get an edgucation and I'm weird 'cause I listen to TS they say it's crap I say they are shit sereosy oh but my friends new house will have a big shed wich my band can practice in arrggg so mad!!

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