dee got me through it
sick mutha fuker
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Subject: dee got me through it
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i jus got dumped by ma girlfrend afta years of bein with her and the only thing dat got me through it was dees music so i was jus finkin if any one has had a hard time and has gotten through it by listnin 2 dee then jus post it on ere cus i fink hes probli helped alot of peeple smf 4 lyf
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Subject: RE: dee got me through it
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My wife suffers terrible bouts of depression and when she's down its hard for me to be strong for her and our 3 daughters,so guess what i do.Listen to TWISTED SISTER on my mp3 player.An hour of the fast hard rocky stuff usually does the trick.
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Subject: RE: dee got me through it
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I've had a HUGE crush on a girl for 2 years now and she refuses to talk to me, and won't let me be friends with her at all.
Now I'm starting agian and trying to find another girl to go after. Twisted Sister is the music that got me through the first girl, and gives me confidence to go get the next one.

PS: I've tryed to listen to other bands like Bon Jovi, Skid Row, Van Halen, and Cinderella, but they just don't seem to have the same magic as Twisted Sister.