Heroes Are Hard To Find (TAB)
Posted 2006-03-28 6:19 PM (#1411)
Subject: Heroes Are Hard To Find (TAB)
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My guitar was not in tune with the album so I tuned it so G would be the tonic.

After he says Heros Are Hard To Find, play a G barre chord.
Single notes before the C chord, then the D chord(with sus4 changes) to complete the motif. Here it is (it's basically the chorus riff)


The VERSE is:
G chord (4 measure)
C chord (2 measures)
G chord (6 measures)

The BRIDGE chords are:
D (1measure), C(1measure), G(1measure), D(1measure)
D(1measure, C(2measures), D(1measure)

Not too much else to this one....They certainly do make their songs easy enough to transcribe.