I had a weird dream about JJ & M.A.M
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Subject: I had a weird dream about JJ & M.A.M
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I dreamed I was in a Mall at the entrance and I saw Pete (my husband). and I said..'oh Pete- I gotta find Mark Mendoza, I owe him £10.00'. so we both went further into the mall to find what shop he was in. Pete said, 'so where id he?', I said, Mark is in the shop downstairs at the shop at the end. so we went down the esculators. The view was beautiful and bright, all the panelling was in light blue tinted glass, floors were cream white, but I had never been there before anyway we got in the shop. I didn't find Mark to give him back the £10.00 I owed him, so we both started putting stuff on the shelves- tins and plastic cream bottles. I saw there was LOADS to go on the shelf, and I said, 'Blimey Pete we're never get all this out tonight'. Then Jay Jay French came walking round the corner with a giant pallet of stock to go out on the shelves. he was just standing there looking at us putting things on the shelves smiling. I looked at him...looked at what he brought us and said to  Jay Jay- YOU BASTARD!'

Dream finshed.

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Subject: RE: I had a weird dream about JJ & M.A.M
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I know what you mean - I have this dream very often.

But mine usually has JJ, MJ and AJ!