Radio sucks ass
Milo Yambag
Posted 2007-03-19 3:17 PM (#9319)
Subject: Radio sucks ass
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Is it me or does regular broadcast radio suck major ass or what? I think it's because any of the new music out there just sucks balls, what do you SMF's think?
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Agreed 110% it may not be regular broadcast music but Listen to ANIMAL TACTICS every Friday night @ 10 WLIR (Google it) and M.A.M.s radio show kicks ass. Plays a nice variety of music some shit you'd never hear on the radio, cactus - montrose - requests, and spins yarns about concerts he went to and people he's met. YOU'LL LOVE IT. And it's on streaming audo on th einternet so you can hear it WORLD WIDE!

Let me know what you think.

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Subject: RE: Radio sucks ass
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Two Words describe the problem best: Clearchannel Communications!!!

A longer description:
This company has control of like 75 - 80% of the radio in all of the US and it has made for a lack of anything decent on the dial. Add to it, the lack of any music that is worth a damn. That problem with crummy music has been going on since about 1993 when no-talent bands like Nirvana and all that grunge movement took over and foisted that musical mediocrity upon the US!!!

With Clear channel getting their fingers in a lot of other pies, namely those of record labels, the whole, radio, to record process has become micro-managed and turned the entire creative process of good music into SHIT!

Gone are the days when a garage band, that might have some pretty good talent, and plays in a park, can get their demo played on the air and then possibly get a record deal that way. With this whole industry, you have to go in and lick boot to get a record because the record producers it seems are driving the development of music now.
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Subject: RE: Radio sucks ass
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I am one of the few luckys ones.  There is a radio station here in SE Missouri that plays better music than big city radio stations do.  They play Twisted Sister.  Hell, they even play War Machine by KISS.  They do have Dee Snider doing his show every week too.

95.5 fm in Poplar Bluff, Missouri.