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LMFAO! "Calling himself J.J. French, Segal." Jay Jay testifies he was born Jay Jay French. But then you find articles that say just cracks me up! Where do they get this stuff from?

Twisted Sister
Rumor has it that Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, and a third Jewish New Yorker named John Segal played together in a band called Rainbow, back in 1970. This wasn’t the same Rainbow fronted by Ronnie James Dio—that would have been too much rawk for any one band to sustain—but it was the same John Segal who founded Twisted Sister in 1972. Calling himself J.J. French, Segal recruited a number of musicians to help him with his mission, which was to sound like the New York Dolls. When a half-Jewish guy named Dee Snider joined the band in 1976, though, Twisted Sister lost some of their glam schtick and developed a harder sound. Playing with the Dictators' former bassist, the band became local legends, releasing singles on their own label TSR. They finally signed to Atlantic nearly a decade after French had founded the band, and in 1984 released the multi-platinum-selling Stay Hungry. The singles “We’re Not Gonna Take It” and “I Wanna Rock” took full advantage of the new medium of MTV. Within a year, the band had gone from underground metal darlings to monsters of rock, so the backlash may have been inevitable. The band released a few more albums but never quite returned to their all-too-brief Stay-Hungry-era glory. These days, Snider can be seen on VH1, where he’s often a talking head alongside fellow Challah Famer Scott Ian. In April of this year, Snider, Ian, and J.J. French hosted VH1’s Passover special “Matzo and Metal.”
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Oh god whats next:
sick mutha fuker
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how strange....people only have the idea that dee snider is jewish because of his last name, although if he was jewish it would probably be spelt snyder rather than snider