I'm drunk in texas
mike vod is a jackas
Posted 2006-03-17 1:30 AM (#1040)
Subject: I'm drunk in texas
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drunk. saw the beastie boys play to 400 in small club tonight. Going back now to see HankIII or the Alarm. Did In mention I'm drunk? I'm BLIIIIIIIIIIIND IN TEXASS, TEXASS
SMF Cyndi
Posted 2006-03-17 2:49 AM (#1042 - in reply to #1040)
Subject: RE: I'm drunk in texas
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Location: Graveyard BLVD.
Hey, sounds like fun but Mike doesn't drink....so guess that is where the "fraud" comes in....ya gave youself away!
lol...walk safe now...haha! Drink some green beer today!

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