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I called in to Bob Papa on the opening drive this morning on Sirius NFL Radio a little before 10:00 AM. I asked about the Giants singing WNGTI to the media Thurs. after practice. Bob said he heard a few lines sung by some players. I told him , and the listening audiance, that 'A Twisted Christmas' is in stores now. The shows producer broke in and said he has some clips cut up and about 30 seconds later up comes a clip from the CD. They played a clip every time they came out of a break and Papa and his partner , former 49er lineman Randy Cross, made a comment like , " Dee Snider singing Christmas Carols is just wrong. " or " You can't have Twisted sister doing 'Deck the halls' . A caller named Bam Bam from down south called in about 2:00 PM and said , "Those hosts from this morning were wrong , 'A Twisted Christmas' is great ! " When Dee & Jay Jay are up at Sirius Hair Nation Mon. 12-4-06 I think they should pay a visit to the NFL Studio and straighten Papa & Cross out. Cross even said something like 'They're all going to hell ' after one of the clips, and you should have heard him gasp when I said I play Twisted for my kids ! Go get 'em Dee & Jay Jay !!
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Hey, wonder if that could have been the {Baz drummer} Mark "Bam Bam" McConnell? LOL..what are those odds? Great post! Gettin' the word out, that is what it's all about. I have told so many people that had not heard a thing about it.

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