Poll A Twisted Christmas
Much better than expected12 Votes - [75%]
A little better than I thought1 Votes - [6.25%]
About what I expected2 Votes - [12.5%]
Not bad, but nothing special1 Votes - [6.25%]
Didn't live up to my expectations0 Votes - [0%]
It sucks ass0 Votes - [0%]

Posted 2006-11-25 2:27 PM (#7443)
Subject: A Twisted Christmas
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I'm still patiently waiting (well, not quite patiently) for Christmas so I can finally hear the whole CD. I have to wait that long because my mother told me she was gonna get it for me for Xmas.

Bottom Line is I was wondering how good you SMFs all think it is. Is it better than you expected or not as good?