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Posted 2006-03-10 3:54 PM (#789)
Subject: LORDI!!!!
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YES! LORDI will represent Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest this year!


LORDI's upcoming album, "The Arockalypse", will feature guest appearances by TWISTED SISTER frontman Dee Snider (on the album's intro, entitled "SCG3 Special Report") and guitarist Jay Jay French (on "Chainsaw Buff├ęt"), as well as former ACCEPT frontman Udo Dirkschneider (on "They Only Come Out at the Night") and ex-KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick (on "Snowing in Hell").
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Posted 2006-03-11 8:44 AM (#824 - in reply to #789)
Subject: RE: LORDI!!!!
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Aweee Man......I think this sucks.......i don't think we have to mix Metal and Rock with Eurovision !!! i ment the same last year when WIG WAM were represanting Norway......and the same thing when Nightwish were second place on Finnish contest for the Eurosong..........
I'll surly vote for LORDI,but i really don't like the mix of metal and Eurovision.
I don't really like Lordi as a band too..... but that's the individual taste of music i guess.

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