Mike's Big Column

Joe Atlantis had his hands full for a while. Some members of the crew wouldn't cooperate no way no how with him. To prove himself, he stepped up to the plate and did a couple of break downs (break down the stage and load the truck) with us. He also had a little problem with the band. Every family has their arguments but Dee and Tony was a real problem for him. Tony threw a boot at Dee and cracked him in the head. I think that was the last straw and Tony had to use his own dressing room. So Joe has this problem now, keeping the peace.

Speaking of peace keepers, I forgot to mention previously about Scott and Roger Aufner (forgive the spelling). Roger stayed with Dee and Suzette. They described him as their son. They took care of him and he took care of their security needs. Dee would stick out like a sore thumb where ever he went. Especially back then because everyone was sort of discoed out and he looks the way he does. Roger controlled the back area. He also had a little army of his students with him to observe. Imagine being a kid 13 or so, getting to hang out in a bar and watch twisted sister from the side lines. What a fuckin treat.

Jay Jay tells us that the project of doing their own record is going forward. I start to notice this guy coming down lately. An older gentlemen with a neatly trimmed beard. I get introduced to him. His name is Eddie Kramer. He is the man responsible for the great sound on "Kiss Alive " and Jimi Hendrix amongst other things. I would get into lengthy conversations with him about Kiss. I was a huge Kiss fan. He told me the inside stories and I loved them so much. In a way, it's one of the reasons why I agreed to do this column. Fans love to hear the inside scoop. You just need someone with objectivity to give it to you.

We are told to report to Electric Lady Land studios in the Village to bring in the equipment. First, we couldn't find the place. There was only a small sign on this little sort of entrance thing.(hard to describe) next to a movie theater. We get buzzed in and wow. the place is big. But from the outside you would never know it. we take the equipment off the truck, into an elevator and down to the studio. There is a mural on the wall. The employees tell us Hendrix painted it. I am pretty much in awe. This is walking the halls of rock and roll history. I am sitting on the bowl saying to myself, This is where Hendrix took a dump.

I come out of the bathroom and we have to have a meeting. We are told all of us are going to be singing on the record. The road crew and friends of the band were going to sing the background for "I'LL never grow up." HOLY SHIT, THIS DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER. We had 2 groups. One group was with Mark and the other with Dee. We got around a big mic and on cue, with the music in the background, sang I'll never grow up, I'll never grow up, I'll never grow up, now. We did it about 10 times. then Eddie mixed it all together and it sounded like a huge arena of people.

We had to go back to Electric lady a few more times for recordings but that was just to bring in the stuff. Then there was a change of studio. We had to bring the stuff to Radio City Music Hall. I had no idea, there was a recording studio in there. This one SUCKED. We had to carry all the shit up several flights of stairs. The stairwell was dark and creepy. On the way down, I saw a rat. Elmo was cracking up because he said it was a mouse. Either way, I hate those fucking disgusting vermin shits. I fuckin hate them. I freeze and Elmo puts his end down and then tries to catch the goddam thing and make it his pet. To tell you the truth that bastard would have put it in his mouth if he caught it just to make me throw up. So we finally got out of there and not a moment too soon. Where there is one there is another.

Me, Elmo, Fatty and Moto. It hit us outside Radio City. That we are going to be part of something huge. It dawned on us that Twisted Sister is going in a new direction. This just might be rock and roll history unfolding before our eyes...

Until next time,

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